I’m just giddy tonight #1 – we are going fishing at Bennett Spring for 10 days – leaving on the 19th…it’s only a week away but he and I want to leave when we get off work this morning.

#2 – I’ve been trying for weeks to learn how to turn words into links.  Xanga FAQ told me how – but it said to click on the link button on the left side of the editor…I finally had to step back and look at the big picture…it is on the right side..unless the entry is looking at me..then I suppose it would be on the left side.

#3 – I’ve had this little crush on Tony from NCIS for quite some time.  I told “him” the other night that maybe we ought to put a picture of Tony above my side of the bed and one of Ziva above his side of the bed…so tonight in my boredom…I went to IMDB to do a little stalking and I found out that he used to be married to

#4 – Victoria from the Young and the Restless and they have a child together…WHAT.  She is now married to her co-star Y and R husband Thad Luckinbill…goodness…now while I think that Luckinbill aka JT is kinda cute.. whoowhee…Tony must have been an ass for her to dump him and hook up with JT….

That’s it…that’s what is going on in my life right now…..

Until next time….

7 thoughts on “Giddy

  1. He also used to be engaged to Jessica Alba way back when during the Dark Angel days…….


  2. I have been to Bennet Springs before I think , it is in Missouri???


  3. Way to go about figuring out how to do the link thingie.  Fishing, now that sounds like fun.   Have a great Sunday.


  4. Hello!  Propz to you for figuring out how to link!  I think every couple has their movie/tv crushes although I can’t think of anyone right now.  I like tall quirky guys.  I’m not a fan of pretty men.Hope all is well and that you have a lovely Sunday!


  5. @tlm0000 – Same Victoria – it is my guilty pleasure – I DVR it and watch it when he walks out the door to go to work at 8:30 🙂


  6. H and I kid each other all the time like that.  Faith Hill is his “poster girl”.  Kathi


  7. Well he’s kind of a hottie isn’t he?  When I was younger I use to watch Y & R.  And I remember Victoria being born.  Nikki was as her mother.  Is that the same Victoria?


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