Wednesday was such a productive day!!!  I gave Devil Dog – the black lab mix – a shower…she wasn’t happy but I was…I don’t know what her problem is – I was as wet as she was and I had to do all of the work.  I watched a lot and cleaned a lot of recorded shows off the DVR.  The best part is while I was “listening” to the TV…I completely cleaned my livingroom including shampooing the carpets and area rugs…made some minor furniture changes, did some laundry and did some bill paying on the computer.  I need to shampoo the carpet in the “green” room otherwise known as the computer room sometime tomorrow.  It could be a control issue – you know when you are feeling out of control so you clean and sort…but who cares what the label is – it is done!!!!

Until next time….

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  1. Amen to that.  I do that too – when I’m feeling out of sorts or angry or out of control I clean clean clean.My baby lab will jump off a 6 foot jump into the water, but try to give her a shower and all hell breaks loose!  I don’t get it either.


  2. Usually labs like water.  I hate giving my cat baths.  I have a system so I don’t get scratched.  She is an indoor/outdoor cat and loves to roll in the dirt so baths are needed from time to time.Hope you are having a great day!


  3. I give Whitney showers too! I do not understand…she loves the water…jumps right in the pool…but I have to stuggle to get her in the shower. She is so funny…..hunkers down…gives the “sad” look…then runs to the couch.  She is due one of these days. KC is pretty easy…he can’t see me coming…..


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