I thought I only missed one day of reading blogs – but it must have been the one day that everyone was very active.  I’m working – it is the dead of night – it’s not that I don’t have plenty of paperwork to do but got started reading xanga posts and when I got to the end of the new ones, I was disappointed.

I have to stay up today…MRI on the knee scheduled for 10am

Supposed to be typical Iowa State Fair weather this week – although the fair doesn’t start until the second week in August.  Temps 100 and above…judging from the past couple of weeks, the humidity will be very heavy also..blah  I would really like to get out and start moving flower beds around….they just do not look good.  Don’t have to worry about weeds, though because everything is so overgrown, there is not a spot of soil visible…really thought I could get by another year….

Msmandylee is going to Las Vegas next week.  She stopped up tonight – I gave her $10 to gamble for me.  Told her to hit the dollar slots for me.  That sweet little thing had better make me a wealthy woman!!!

Brian left me his ESPN magazine – for the NFL fantasy preview…our fantasy football draft is the last week of August.  Being the only “girl” in our league, I really have the desire to reduce them to tears each week with my high numbers.  Ha.

That’s it for 3:35 AM CDT

Until next time…..

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  1. I had MRIs on both of my knees last year, and I almost fell asleep.  I was afraid I would twitch, though.  It’s hard to stay still when you HAVE to.


  2. Good luck w/the MRI!  I know NOTHING about fantasy football but I’m interested.Oh vegas, I love vegas.  Someday I’ll go again.  What fun!


  3. It’s very hot here.   The high yesterday was 92 and will hit that mark again and the rest of the week!  


  4. It is so hot and humid in ohio over the last week.  Not fun at all.  Don’t fall asleep during the MRI!


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