I had a fact finding meeting with the boss this morning…it was painful but manageable…he told me that he was shocked when I came to him with my error yesterday morning – he said he didn’t expect it from me …that helped my self esteem a bit.  He will pass the news on to the sheriff and they will let me know what my discipline will be. 

So…I went to the doctor…I sugar coated my problems just a bit to him…but found out that I’m not even on a therapeutic dose of my anti-depressant (which I’ve taken since my dad died) and that might cause – irritability (or total rage at my mother), suicidal thoughts, inability to concentrate (or remember anything?), that brain fog…he upped my medication..said give it 2 or 3 weeks to see if there is a different.  Please God let there be a difference.

And then the knee…He thinks it should be stronger and more healed than it is…said there was fluid on the knee in the xray I had taken at the ER the “night of the falling tree”.  Says he thinks I’ve probably torn something and not just sprained it..so he ordered an MRI.

That is it for my trials and tribulations.

Until next time…..

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  1. Remember “Quasi Modo”? She would totally hide her mistake and them blame everyone but herself. She did not care about anyone but herself.( and no one was ever shocked when she made a mistake) You are a caring person and a great dispatcher!


  2. Well – good that your boss was shocked at your mistake and I bet your discipline will be light – since you’re not prone to these things.   Hope the knee thing isn’t too awful to deal with.  Last time I had an MRI was a knee thing – and I fell asleep during it.  They were amazed – but since I rarely get alone/me/downtime – I just nodded off.  lol!     Hope you notice a good change in your meds soon


  3. I feel bad.  I meant to ask you about your knee last week and somehow it totally slipped my mind.  It’s good that your boss was shocked at your mistake.  I hope tonight is a calm and quiet shift!


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