Someone make a decision…

We didn’t go camping today…We were up early this morning but were moving slow – he didn’t really want to go and I wanted to go but yet knew he didn’t want to go so we danced around it for awhile and decided just to take the boat down this afternoon and not camp.  We did not discuss it again, nor did we take the boat down.  For the last few hours, there has been some nasty weather hanging around over the lake and that area…now we are both feeling pretty good that we totally avoided the conversation 🙂

I think we are in the clear for severe weather here…although Red Rock is only 30 minutes south of us..It has been hazy all it wasn’t stormy but also wasn’t a beautiful sunny Iowa day. Many parts of Iowa and the midwest are struggling tonight with quite destructive flooding with more rain expected at the end of the week.  I snapped a couple of pictures at sunset from my driveway to try to get some beauty into this day.



Strange looking sky but very beautiful.

We need positive energy here in the midwest everyone!!!

2 thoughts on “Someone make a decision…

  1. This weather has put a damper on camping hugh???I love the pics , and I hope all this bad stuff happening to people soon ceases!


  2. AWESOME pics!  Maybe with the threat of more bad weather it was good that you didn’t end up going?    Around here it’s “red sky @ night, sailors delight, red sky in morning, sailors take warning”.  So – a good night? 


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