Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats Strawberry Delight, 16.3-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)


Actually, I have started buying the HyVee store brand in order to save money – and since I found silk milk, I’ve decided I think I have a problem.  He and I went to Hyvee the other night and I bought 3 boxes of mini wheats and 2 cartons of silk milk.  I’m uncomfortable with the fact that I might run out…uh oh…one box left in the cupboard, someone needs to go to the store.  Years ago, this would have described my Marlboro addiction.  The absolute minimum requirement is one bowl when I get out of bed and another sometime between supper and bedtime the next morning.  I have boxes stashed at work…in fact, I just ate a bowl before logging on to xanga.  When this first started, I didn’t think it would get out of hand due to the fiber content…I quite frankly figured that the fiber would take of itself…6 grams…I”m figuring 2 bowls will be about 12 grams-plus because I frequently fudge and eat more than 1 cup…I know this because I don’t think I get the recommended servings per package….and silk milk…I have not had it as a glass by itself but Kate says this is all she drinks, so decided to try it…I actually like it better than moo milk on my cereal…plus I feel that I”m benefitting from the soy during this time of my life.  So…now you all know my little secret.  Has anyone ever tried a bite of swiss cheese with some cachews or baby carrots in marzetti dill dip and a handful of cashews….mmmmmm

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  1. @suzyQ_darnit – I used to feel the same way when my dad would eat those big pillow size shredded wheat…but these new little ones with a hint of sugar..mmmm love them!!!


  2. Well thanks a lot! you just made me hungry and I just ate a few hours ago LOL


  3. I could go for the cheese and nuts combo, but I cannot eat the mini-wheats!  My mouth refuses to recognize them as a swallowable food.


  4. mmmmm I like the Silk stuff too… we started drinking Organic milk and we all have noticed we don’t have as much sinus trouble or the other end stuff… LOL   but I still really need to do the soy stuff… my sinuses thank me… and my GERD…    do you do the vanilla or the plain???  I think it makes my cereal taste RICH… tried the rice milk… oh barf!!!  I will take soy anytime…     haven’t tried those miniwheats though… my fillings would hate me… did frosted mini’s one time and bout bounced all over the room with the sugar high…heehee  I just had a bowl of LIFE… mmmm my fav!!


  5. Off topi but this is an intersting link about public vs private schools


  6. I don’t mean to interrupt the estrogen festival, but if I eat a bowl of those things, an hour later I have the shakes…it’s like too much caffeine. I think it’s all the sugar. Also, if you read the box you, will find they have absolutely no nutritional value. Good ruffage perhaps, but other than that, they have limited value. Soy milk should come with a label: WARNING, SOY MILK!!! Nasty stuff.


  7. Ok, now I’m off to try to Soy Milk.  At times I do use Rice Dream but it doesn’t hit the spot like the real thing. 


  8. Oh yum! I haven’t tried soy milk yet, but I thought I might give it a whirl.  I’ve been doing WW for a couple of years now with much success and recently switch to their CORE plan – and I know Fat Free Soy is part of the food groups that I wouldn’t have to count points for……Maybe I’ll give it a whirl.  I LOVE shredded wheat though – all kinds.  Admitting it is the first step…


  9. Oh yum!  I might have to try those.  I have a store brand of mini wheats.  Maybe I will have that for breakfast.I’m assuming since you’ve posted you managed to miss all that really bad weather that his Iowa a few days ago?


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