I’m having an out-of-sorts kinda week..my work week should be over tomorrow night but I volunteered to do some overtime so working until 7am Thursday morning..back 3-11 on Thursday then 7-11p on Friday.  Now that it is close, I’m kind of sorry I signed up but actually need the extra cash so I”m trying hard not to whine.

Have a little camping trip planned for the last weekend of the month – actually the 31st/1/2 but it seems so far away…there I go again – whine – it will be the first time we’ve taken the boat out so I’m sure it will be fun.

Reading “The Other Boleyn Girl”..I may have butchered the spelling on that…and watching the first season of Brothers & Sisters.  That pretty much is my world this week.

Until next time…..

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  1. I know what you mean about the willows! When I was in elementary school, we would have our end-of-the-year school picnic in the park, under these huge willow trees – I loved it!


  2. I just really wanted to pop in and catch up on your life and to say hello….Enjoy your minivacation!!!!Blessings,Gale


  3. Are you liking Brothers & Sisters?  I really liked most of it.


  4. The overtime money always sounds so good until you actually have to do the overtime.  Wahoo for a minivacation!  Enjoy!


  5. Oh I loved loved loved that book!  I want to read the Boleyn inheritance next – but I’m stuck in The Queens Bastard for now.  Love historical fiction from that era.    Camping sounds fun – work – not so much.   Maybe it’ll go by fast?!


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