Cat Master

In a couple of weeks, I will have been a master to the cats for 6 months.  I had no idea they were so fun and loving…I wish I had added felines to my life long before I did.  The one thing I’m trying to get used to is the pitter patter …er mad scramble to the bathroom so Benny can watch me flush.  Dogs don’t do this!!

5 thoughts on “Cat Master

  1. I have a ginger cat just like your Billy, mine’s called Lily. She and her twin/brother Apple (both 2.5 years) are kind of the masters of mine and my son’s lives.  We live in a rainforest not a town, so the cats go in and out as they please, or as often as they can persuade us to open the doors for them.  They catch rats, sleep on our laps, torture lizards and beg for tuna, in short they do exactly as they please. Nice life if you can get it!


  2. I couldnt be without a cat i just love them!Glad you found out how special they are


  3. I’ve had my two babies about 7 years and they are the loves of our lives. We’ve been having some problems with the move and them but now they’re in their new home safe and secure. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Dogs are great too and we hope to get a new puppy one of these days, but I’ll never be without my babies who curl up in my lap and show us such love with those expressive eyes of theirs. Enjoy yours and love them!!!!Niki


  4. Cats ARE so much fun!  I’m down to 2 now.  Last summer we had 5 – too many.  My youngest kitty will be a year old this May 25th.  (His momma and siblings now live happy lives elsewhere…we still own his Auntie)  He loves to watch the flush part too!   He’s so much fun, I really do enjoy him.


  5. I grew up with both cats and dogs.  I like them both but I have to say I like cats better.  I like the independent streak that cats have.Our current cat is Princess Leia (think Star Wars) Kitty.  She was our neighbor’s outdoor cat.  He had a couple.  She liked it better over here, he didn’t mind so we had a cat.  Funny how that works.When my cat runs through the house she sounds like a horse.  They are fun creatures!Have a great evening!


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