When the teenager leaves, you wash windows….

I need someone to wash my windows….  I haven’t washed windows in Kate’s old room for probably more than 5 years…before you fall to the floor screaming “that is disgusting”..keep in mind that when she was living at home, I had no ideas where the windows were…I knew they were somewhere over on the west side of the house but who could see them because of the “stuff”.  We redid things about a year ago and I keep thinking I”ll get in there and wash them…but something more important always comes up…besides – this is the craft room now and the dirt kind of blocks the afternoon sun when we are in there working on crafts.  I have really nothing else to say about the other windows…they need to be washed and I’m just not in the mood.

It is gorgeous here in Iowa…the weather couldn’t be more perfect.  I would love to live with temps like this year around but can’t move to California (I assume it is beautiful year around).  I’ve actually been outside moving about – working on the yard, working on the flower beds – actually hosta beds – I took Sierra for a 1.5 walk this afternoon…hoping some of this extra weight will melt off with just the exercise influence.

At work last night, I read a blog from a guy in South Africa..I was totally into it…he was one of those bloggers that made me think deep…don’t always want that but it fit last night.  I “x’ed” out of the blog when I actually had to do some work instead of just minimizing…I think I found him on someone else’ subscriptions…he was probably in his 40’s and had a fascinating piece on his walk of faith….lived in South Africa and his most recents posts were pictures of old buildings.  It may have actually come from some else’ subscription’s subscription or somewhere down the line.  If anyone knows who this is, please let me know.

Supper is ready, bless “his” heart – Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “When the teenager leaves, you wash windows….

  1. Hey!  I washed windows once!


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