I think it is safe to say that Spring has sprung, the grass is getting green and the iris are coming up.  I’m just giddy!!!  Amanda came in at 0200 so I used some comp time and took off.  Spent the night paying some bills and changing the theme of my xanga site again … I also started browing You Tube and see what I found.  There are some really fun videos on You Tube of the boys when they were young and quite a few of their 50th anniversary special on PBS.  ahhhhhhh

The sun has risen and it sounds like “he” is stirring around upstairs so think I will turn in with my Jonathan Kellerman book – I think the title is “Lost”.  Suppose to rain tonight so I’m guessing by the time I get up, it will no longer be clear.  You old girls – click on that You Tube and watch those 50-plus year old men movin’ their bootys.

*********edit****** the Jonathan Kellerman book is “Gone” not “Lost”

Until next time….


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  1. Wish I could use some downtime myself. I’m in the middle of a 2nd 16 shift. Hoping to go to the casino next week. Also got a job interview next week also. Might finally get a job in the private sector for better money


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