Insane Obsession

What is this totally out-of-my-mind desire to keep tweaking the colors, etc of my xanga site.  More to the point…what is that little “knot” in my brain that has me adjusting the color and the dimensions and the font and then back again and then tweak the color just a bit…and then  all of a sudden it is okay.  When I got up today, I noticed the flower in the header was not centered…it irritated me…as I was making changes, I kept asking myself why this was so important…and then why do I keep changing the theme?  Is it like changing the furniture around..something new…maybe it is just cabin fever and I don’t have anything else to focus on right now… I did work on the basement for awhile…. got some garage sale stuff ready and some Goodwill boxes ready to go…I find it to be a very cleansing job; yet I have problems giving some things away..not quite as difficult as “he” finds it to give ANYTHING away…but still difficult.  I’m feeling like Andy Rooney tonight with even more whine in my voice.  He’s fixing supper…almost time for Two and a-half Men…

Until next time

2 thoughts on “Insane Obsession

  1. Girl… you are totally obsessed right now.  You need another outlet.  Of course, I am one to say anything… I haven’t changed my theme, background, profile pic, font or anything in a long, long time.


  2. Sounds to me like someone needs a creative outlet. Painting, writing, sketching, knitting….! You could knit kitty & Puppy toys and clothes!


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