So…are you liking the pink?  or is it just too bright.  I needed a distraction.

My Monday at work is over with…see…that is what I love about working the 11 to 7 shift.

Critters have been fed…email checked…I’m tired…off to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4 thoughts on “

  1. oh how I know what you mean…when I found the new themes for xanga I went crazy and because I love wolves, I chose the one I have. Then I find xanga will not let us use javascript on the new themes and I can’t add any widgets to my sidebars and I am not happy. arghhhhh!!! and on top of that, I just paid $100.00 for a lifetime membership. Now isn’t that swell? arghhh, all I want to do is add widgets, and I can’t, at least not the way I want.
    So I know what you mean about being obsessed with wanting what we want. Let’s wish both of us the best to get this where we feel better about our xanga stuff, okay?


  2. The two of them in the box is cute 🙂


  3. On my monitor it’s almost a dusty rose.  Very nice.


  4. Sweet Dreams , and the pink is GREAT!


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