Kate’s flight was cancelled last night so we got up this morning and left here at 4:00 to get her to the Quad City airport by 6.  It is a two hour drive.  She visited old friends last night and didn’t get home until 0200…I slept on the couch 1) to make sure she got home okay (yes…she is nearly 21) and 2) to make sure we didn’t oversleep.  We were about 15 miles down the road and I started getting sleepy…he has a hard time driving with the huge boot on his foot plus he had vicadin on board and I figured she wasn’t any more awake than I was.  After we dropped her off, I was able to get us out of the quad cities and back into Iowa and decided to pull off and let him drive…as long as he could use cruise control he was okay…We made it home.  I slept until 1:00 this afternoon…

While I was sleeping, he took this pic of Benny and Billy…the spend a lot of time on top of each other grooming each other but the first time they have both been able to fit in the cube 🙂


 too cute!!!

I’m working 7-11 tonight – he’s already stir crazy…at least he has the critters to keep him company.

Have a great Easter everyone…He is risen.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “

  1. AWWW how cute! I knew they would grow on each other, cute kitties!


  2. Aww! I’m glad your kitties are getting along better. Happy Easter!


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