Feeling unappreciated…

Okay…I’m sorry…I’m starting to feel like the boring spouse who has no life and has nothing to talk about other than what the animals have done all day and complain about the weather and about how unappreciated I am šŸ™‚

Tackling the weather first…it is supposed to warm into the 40’s…to those of you in the southern states – get your longys out..but to us…goodness, it’s swimsuit season… I know the other day when it got up to 36, I was running here and there without a coat.Ā  My absolute worst fear (which makes me feel like a boring spouse who is 80 years old) is that I”m gonna fall… what the *%^^…I’m only 51 years old…but my two falls this winter have meĀ scared to death I’m going to fall…I walk like I’m old…I almost shuffle…and not just on the snow and ice… goodness, people, don’t you know that the parking lots COULD APPEAR dry but actually be black ice…

Ya and I”m not irritableĀ either..this morning I drove the 4 wheel drive pickup..keep in mind I live on a gravel road…I noticed in my rear mirror that this little red grand am was traveling as fast as I was…no actually a bit faster because it was creeping up on me.Ā  The roads are covered with ice and snow…one wrongly placed braking or acceleration sends most people in a circle and directly to the ditch.Ā  My 4 mile inner dialogue was.Ā  What is that idiot doing..doesn’t he know it is slick…damnit if he catches up to me, I’m not getting over..damn idiot…Great..I have to turn – I hope he doesn’t follow me…oh for crying out loud he’s turning too….go ahead, buddy..accelerate there…back off you dumb ass, you’re going to end up in the ditch….uh ya…I”m turning slow the hell down…see you in the ditch, moron…

Ya see…a warm up to the 40’s…

2 thoughts on “Feeling unappreciated…

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry!  That was me!  I was trying to catch up to you to invite you for breakfast.  Sorry.


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