WHAT have I done

Guys probably are not going to understand this at all…but women and their hair dressers, or whatever you might call them, develop some type of deep, loyal bond.  I’ve always known this…it is hard to change beauty operators..even if they suck..once you develop that rapport..we just don’t move on…so here’s my story.

I found Mandy several years ago…I was looking for a new hair stylist because mine was a NUT!  I randomly called a new beauty salon uptown and the girl who answered was apparently new and said she could get me in that afternoon.  She was very, very good.  Very precise and willing to do whatever I wanted…wouldn’t let me out of the chair until it was perfect.  Jenny and Katy started going to her and many of our friends.  Mandy is awesome.  But she became “with child” and took some time off…I sulked and worried…then I changed shifts to the 10a to 6p shift and when Manday came back from maternity leave – our time together was impossible.  I could have scheduled way ahead of time…but I didn’t…she only worked after 6p on two nights a week and I could never get in.  I might add here that I’m a very good tipper.  I always figure if you tip well for a job well done that you will get extra favors…maybe I’m wrong….anyway…

Nicole was just starting out.  I work with her husband and she and Jenny are very good friends..so one night when I was at the end of my rope and my hair was horrible, I called Nicole..she did a good job….I had another occassion when I needed a haircut and did the same thing…well this all got back to Mandy…she told Jenny and Kim that it was okay…she understood that I would do something like that..you know, give a newby a chance…but as time goes…I find out this isn’t okay with her.  We gossip, you know.  So I had Nicole blond my hair last month …and I’m feeling really good about Nicole…who is also out on maternity leave now…and I need a haircut. I would love to go back to Mandy for a haircut…but I don’t want to be in the middle of this crap.  I would like to be able to go to either one…logically …. this doesn’t seem like a problem.  Mandy’s clientele is obviously horrific..the list is endless so it is not like she NEEDS me for the money like Nicole does.  I’m all messed up…don’t know whats the right thing to do…

One thought on “WHAT have I done

  1. I can so sympathize with you on the hairdresser issue.  I went to the same girl for over 24 years when we lived in Monticello.  She was good and I mean excellent.  She knew how to cut my hair and color it to perfection.  I would only use one of the other ladies in her shop if it was an absolute emergency.  I always felt torn when I would call to make an appt with one of the other girls because I had messed around and not gotten an appt soon enough with my regular girl.  I sure didn’t want her to get upset with me for going to someone else.  After about 15 years of this nonsense, I started setting my appt for my next “do” when I was there getting my hair cut and colored.  I had to go every month religiously anyway so I just made sure to get the one I wanted that way.I had to find someone here when we moved and it was just terrible.  I couldn’t find the “right”person for the job.  I had developed such a good rapport with my hairdresser in Monticello and her shoes were hard to fill once I moved.  I still miss her!!!


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