Wind chill warning….chance of snow all the way thru until next Tuesday…only a 20% chance most days but still forecasted….COLD COLD COLD warming up to the 20’s and maybe 30’s next week.  I’m back at work – working 2300 to 0300 this morning then off until Friday at 0700.  Drove “his” truck to work tonight because the winds are supposed to be blowing the stacked snow into drifts.  The snow along my road is 5 to 6 feet tall now…if that starts blowing over the road, we are screwed…4 wheel drive or not.

I had to take mom to the doc this afternoon…she has a little infection in her leg where she fell getting out of the tub last week.  We took her to lunch while we were waiting for her script to be filled.  He stopped at the video store and picked up second season of Six Feet Under….if you have watched it, you will totally understand when I say I want to have Nate’s children…if you haven’t watched it – you are missing the best looking, sexy, sensitive funeral director ever 🙂

Until next time….


5 thoughts on “Brrrrr

  1. I live in northern Indiana and I’m so sick of winter, I could spit.


  2. I’m sooo tired of snow & cold!Pssss – html://’m not posting it because I look like shit today, and this camera is just way to clear.


  3. This has beena bad Winter for most ,will sure be glad when it warms up! I have to go in to work early so that puts me up at 4:oo am to feed and water Yuk and the wind chill is terrible not to mention the degrees of 5! Hope you stay warm.
     We have started watching the Sopranos , GOOD show I think.


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