I’m blond

I was afraid to go to work today…..

I’m almost 52 years old – I’ve been thin/medium/fat gray/red/black/brown haired, I have birthed two children – one in the time of labor in one room, delivery in the other – legs up in the air in a public hallway from one room to the other…I’ve had a stress test ekg with my breasts hanging out while I walk in front of one of my daughter’s friends’ father and the doc.  I’ve fallen flat out in a parking lot several times – passed gas in front of my daughter and her boyfriend in a big box store when I fell off of a lawn chair I was trying out…..uh huh…and I was TOTALLY FREAKED OUT that I had to go to work with blond hair today.  The color is gorgeous…Nicole did an excellent job but the change is pretty drastic…I’ll make it…the loveable girls I work with were very complimentary and made blond bombshell jokes all day….I won’t post a picture to prove it but I’m far from a blond bombshell… πŸ™‚  “he” liked it…in fact, the relief on his face was priceless when I removed my hood last night when I got home…he said OH I like it, it is not what I was expecting πŸ™‚  So, my advice…go for it…what fun…at least during this time of year, the total fear of humiliation is at least a feeling…instead of being numb and frozen all the time!!! 

4 thoughts on “I’m blond

  1. Oh man, we HAVE to see pictures!  You cannot tell us this and then not deliver.  This is better than showing your hoo-hah to the hospital orderlies and guests, passing gas in front of your son’s girlfriend,and the other stuff.C’mon, now; pony up the pics!


  2. I have always had dark brown hair and started going gray in my early 20’s.  I have had to color it all my life nearly.  I still wash the gray right out of my hair about once a month with a box kit.  I use to love going to my hairdresser to have her do it for me when I use to work in an office but since I moved here and work on the farm, I do the horrible job myself.  My husband has wanted me to go blond on numerous occasions and I kind of wish I had now.  I don’t think the gray coming in would show up as bad with blond hair as it does with my brown hair.  I just may have to shock him one day and go blond!!!


  3. I think this would be a fine time to get a web cam then!  Come on!  I won’t tell anyone..


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