Goin’ blond

I have been bitching about the weather for almost 9 hours…and quite frankly, I’m just not feeling any better.  Then I noticed it is 17:22 or 5:22 and it is still light out…I can see the sheriff’s office parking lot.  That is a very nice thing…very positive…

All of the bosses have gone home…..can’t beat that….

I’m getting a haircut after work …always love that

Decided I’m going to go blond.  This is BIG.  I’m sick and tired of coloring my hair…I’ve been doing it since I was 16 years old ..then it was because I could…when he and I met, my hair was pretty much coal black…he didn’t know any different…his mother didn’t do the beauty salon or nice and easy so I was an anomoly… I am now probably about 75% gray.  It started in the front where I’m very, very white and my nape is salt and pepper…I have tried several times to just not color it but 1) he doesn’t like it; and 2) guys  at work said it made me look old.  So, I decided to go blond with low lights  at the recommendation of my eldest daughter….we’ll see….

2 thoughts on “Goin’ blond

  1. Be sure to post a pic so we can all see the transformation.


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