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  1. I love these tulips!!!Rain and so much wind last night Thing Two WOKE UP in the middle of the night.  It usually takes a nuclear alarm to get him up.What month does the snow let up?


  2. Thanks for asking, but this means if you wander to my xanga tomorrow, you’ll have wednesday info on Tuesday.  Sort of like I’ll happily pay you Monday for a hamburger on Tuesday.  If you don’t get that reference you’re going to think I’m an idiot!I really don’t know much more than I did, I am however holding orders for the two tests that will give more info.  The only thing definitive that I know now, is that my rib & chest x-ray were good (This is very good, as I have long lines of lung problems in my genetic tree so I like to hear this every couple of years) and that one of my kidneys is now a significantly different size than the other.  So we know there is a problem, we just don’t know what it is yet.  Ahh, but getting older is a rip roaring good time!


  3. @nwacountrybumpkin – I would love the pattern when you get a chance…no hurry… I’m working on flowers right now……


  4. Have you ever seen the apache afghan pattern?  It is a single crochet across,cut, then start another row over.  That is one reason why I like the pattern so much… no turning involved.  Not sure you can see it well in the picture but there is a diamond pattern to it.  You do a double crochet to the row below at certain spots to create the diamond.  If you are interested in the pattern, I can type it up for you sometime.  Most people like to do the afghan in four different colors of yarn.  A few years back I started making them with just one single color and liked it much better.  I make them all the time for benefit auctions in our community and people just love them.  The favorite color I have made in the past was made using erin fleck yarn (beige color with brown and black specks in it.)


  5. @nwacountrybumpkin – Iowa…the heartland…the corn state…home of the hawkeyes…am I being positive enough 🙂


  6. Where do you live?  I heard the western states were getting pummeled with snow.  We have a chance for a few inches here in Arkansas as well.  The weather is so crazy here today.  This morning it was really warm and now it is turning off really cold.  My sinuses are killing me with the temps going up and down like that so fast.


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