Old and Restless

Yes, Jeff.  I’ve changed again.  I can’t seem to find the Xanga theme I want.  The lighthouse picture which I tried twice…the first time for about 10 minutes – was way, way too depressing..I tried to lighten it up..but although I loved the picture, it was bringing me down.  I’m very happy with tulips at this moment…Hope it lasts.  We are suppose to have a thaw this weekend.  It might even get up to 40…. There has to be a change in the weather soon… I’m irritable…trying to be positive…okay….I’m positive I’m irritable!!!

6 thoughts on “Old and Restless

  1. @GramSue – Isn’t it great…it was 41 when I got off work this afternoon…when i walked outside, it felt balmy!!!  woo hoo!!!!


  2. Like your background! It is 60 here today YIPPEE!


  3. @Neppykate – I thought I left you enough comments yesterday to last for awhile.


  4. How come you stop by my site but leave no comments? What kind of mother are you?


  5. I’m loving the tulips!  It’s a great picture.


  6. Thanks for stopping by my site–I LOVE the tulips!  I change my colors every month and try to find a flower avatar I like, so this month it’s blue with a blue hydrangea.  Tulips were my dad’s favorite, so they hold a special place in my heart.


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