I’m completely innocent. Signed, Frannie

The best purchase I’ve made so far for Billy’s enjoyment is the catnip blanket from Target for $9 something – Kate and Luke have one for their cats but I have never seen them use it.  Billy immediately latched onto it last night and had one whee of a time rolling around the computer room floor.

This morning while I’ve been on the computer, he and Frannie have been in the room with me; Billie, once again, has been non-stop playing.  Frannie asked me to please mention that she is laying in the same position and in no way is influencing the cat’s behavior…and in fact, she thinks the cat is totally NUTS…..

IMG_0115 IMG_0118 IMG_0119_2 IMG_0120 IMG_0121

Uh, huh…I think there is some mental thing going on …..


One thought on “I’m completely innocent. Signed, Frannie

  1. You think that by clicking on my xanga page 17 times in one day that you will get my attention. Well… you did, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make a post. It just means that you’re crazy.


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