No offense intended, male readers, but the reason men will never totally be secure is because they don’t have girlfriends – not sex girlfriends – but girlfriends. 

Girlfriends share their lives…details and emotions and we love each other because we can totally understand each other.  That is not to say we always agree but, for the most part, we have a way of sharing that makes it okay to differ.  I had lunch today with Karen and Deb at Applebees…this was not really lunch…this was an event – almost 4 hours…what can 3 women talk about in 4 hours….there isn’t much that 3 women don’t talk about in 4 hours…..

I did a little shopping in the afternoon…Younkers had a sale on fiesta ware dishes so I bought a tangerine platter and small bowl along with salt and pepper shaker…I’m pretty satisfied with my tangerine anyway.  He was giddy with excitement when I called to tell him about my bargains.

When I got back to town, I had supper with another group of girlfriends…we met at 6:30 and I got home at about 9:30.  Conversation was not quite as intimate but very entertaining…I think I realized for the first time tonight that we are all gray hidden under salon highlights or nice and easy 🙂

I have one more day off – plan on filling it with copious amounts of nothingness…

Make a little time to visit with a girlfriend – you’ll feel better…..

One thought on “Girlfriends

  1. Good girlfriends are hard to find.  Glad you seem to have found a bunch of them.Enjoy your copious moments of nothingness!!!  (Love how you phrased that… I may have to use that one)


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