What was I thinking……..


Okay…so I have this really fun country kitchen…everything sitting on the top of my cupboards is something I really like…when I repainted last year, I hauled out a nice size box of things that really didn’t mean anything to me and re-arranged things that were important to me – like my cow collections and my baskets and my grandmother’s canning jars which still have white medical tape on them with her writing of what was in them… We used to have a nice size flourescent light there in the middle of the ceiling but it was having issues…perhaps just the bulbs needed to be changed….

Allow me to digress.  Jeff’s mom has this awesome track lighting above the kitchen breakfast bar – just looks wonderful – it has little cobalt blue lights that hang down and I fell in love.  Jeff’s mother’s kitchen also supports the style of this track lighting.  So..while at work Monday, I had a chance to peruse the Menards ad in the Sunday paper and what did my wondering eyes did appears was track lighting on sale.  Mind you, this wasn’t exactly like Laurie’s track lighting but I HAD TO HAVE IT.  He was in the dentist’ chair but one of my best friends works for the dentist …so I called and asked her to give him the message that I wanted the lights and why didn’t he go to Menards when he was sprung from the chair…he’s a saint – or so everyone that knows me and knows him says….

The good thing – after he got them installed, he kept looking and said he thought there was too much clutter with everything on the cabinets.  I agree…and they are too modern for my fun country kitchen….. so now what?

Mike and Kim came for supper tonight – and Kim (who missed her calling as a designer) agreed as I knew she would…we decided the lights could be removed and put over the kitchen table – still a little too modern but at least not as cluttered…who has the nerve to ask “him”?

On a different thought – I made taco soup tonight for supper…it was “oh, so easy”, tasted great and the kitchen wasn’t a mess with dirty dishes.  Here’s the recipe…tastes great for this time of year:

2 lb hamburger

1pt sour cream

1 small onion

1 lb velveeta cut into cubes

2=15 oz cans pinto beans

2 cups water

1 – 14 1/2 oz can stewed tomatoes

1 – 10 1/2 oz can Ro-tell tomatoes – diced style

1 15 oz can chili (no beans)

1/2 tsp garlic salt

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

Brown and drain hamburger and onions.  Pour all other ingrediets, juice and all, into a large crock pot.  Cook for 2 hours in crock pot or until cheese is melted and warmed through.  DO NOT boil.  Serve with broken tortilla chips.

We used the large fiesta ware bowls…4 of us each had 2 servings.. He took some to work tonight and there is enough for a meal left.


Until next time….

4 thoughts on “What was I thinking……..

  1. I love Iris as well…. I was married on May 16, 1980 and was in luck.  The iris were in full bloom and was able to use them in my wedding decorations.  My husband’s grandmother had a huge iris garden.  She had collected all different kinds and knew the names of each one.  I have many of them in my own garden now.  They are just so beautiful.  


  2. I love the track lighting and I think your kitchen is wonderful.  It looks homey and it looks like a place one would want to be in while doing the cooking.  We spend so much time in there and I think we should have all the things we love around us while we are in there.  My favorite things are pansies so I decorated my kitchen and dining room with pansies.  People have given me stuff all through the years and I have quite a collection now.


  3. Hello, gosh you just have to see my Kitchen! I have cows all on top of my cabinets also. I will diff have to post a pic next time of my kitchen. I have recieved gifts from friends and family through out the years of cows. Now I have the real thing LOL 2 really spoiled ones.I will post around saturday to show you.
    I liked your kitchen by the way.Great Minds Think Alike they say LOL


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