Ready to go back to work

I’ve put those words in writing so I can’t say I didn’t say it 🙂

I go back to work at 10 in the morning after being off for 5 days.  It has been a good 5 days, but tonight I’m actually bored.  You know the boredom where nothing makes you really happy.  Maybe restless is a better word. 

Been doing some xanga searching and found a couple of new friends…Phil brought pizza home from Hyvee for supper so i don’t even have a kitchen to clean up.

Guess I’ll just hang out and let my mind wander…..

Until next time…..

6 thoughts on “Ready to go back to work

  1. Yes I have to go back to work Wednesday I have been off since the 22 , I dont want to go back though , Oh well need the moola , well have a good day at work tomorrow and Happy New Year


  2. What in the Sam Hill is Hyvee?Wait- did I ask you this once before? It sounds like Hitler’s Jeep.


  3. Here is one friend you found and I am glad you did. Since I am new, I didn’t know you worked so….. what do you do?


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