Kate and I got around at the crack of afternoon – actually 2:00, drove to Des Moines to do some shopping.  Jane got me some tangerine Fiesta ware to match what I already have.  She got me some bowls and big mugs – I decided that I wanted to expand the tangerine place settings so decided to make an exchange which I did…then the clerk (of course not knowing my addiction for dishes) told me that they are discontinuing the turquoise fiesta ware….OH KNOW.  Thank goodness there wasn’t much of an inventory left – but they were 50% off at Younkers so decided to go ahead and buy two dinner plates, two salad plates and two bowls.  On my way home, I was feeling quite piggish so offered either the yellow or blue fiestaware to Katy…she chose the yellow.  Now I feel better about my lack of control….we also discussed selling several of the cups and saucers…didn’t know whether to try ebay or Amazon.  I’ve never sold anything on either – she is going to give me a lesson tomorrow.  Any thoughts, anyone?

I ground my first coffee beans this morning.  Jeff told me I was going to have to just experiment with quantities…was kind of fun and I will have to say the coffee tasted excellent.  “He” and Kate bought me vanilla creme and eight o’clock breakfast blend beans yesterday when they went to Hyvee…for you non-iowans – Hyvee is the local grocery store chain where there is a smile in every aisle.

Kate has a friend coming over tonight to watch as many godfather movies as possible.  The first season of the Sopranos obviously has her hooked on bad boys.  I’ll retire to the upstairs TV – now that I have the wireless router hooked up – it doesn’t seem so bad to be up there by myself.  I’m sure there will be 3 doggies up there with me and a cat strutting around keeping everyone stirred up 🙂

Until next time……

3 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. RYC: I am only a Melaleuca customer too. I didn’t feel like I had the time or the energy to do it as a business. I think my mother in law was upset that I didn’t take the opportunity and run with it but she will just have to get over it. I am a very good customer tho. I have bought many of the products and I tell everyone about them.I don’t believe I know a Jane Thomas Brown from Fayetteville. My married name is Tackett and I was a Rogers before marrying my husband over 27 years ago. We lived in Monticello, AR from two weeks after our wedding until three and a half years ago when we decided to quit our jobs and start our own poultry business. We grow broilers for Tyson and my husbands parents grow cornish hens. It is a good way to live and we love our home here near where we grew up. My folks live only a couple of miles southeast from us and my in laws live only a mile down the road from us. We live on a mountain in northwest Arkansas. We have a wonderful view and lots of wildlife around. Between our land and the inlaws we have around 500 acres all together. We also bale hay and sell to area cattle farmers in the summer months. It gets rather busy around here during that time trying to raise chickens and bale hay and keep everything mowed and weedeated. The winter months are much more relaxing.My son started college at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville majoring in Finance/Banking the same year we moved back home. That was another good reason to sell out and move back home to be closer to him. He has been living in an apartment next to his grandparents (the inlaws) the whole time. He is expected to graduate this next summer. His fiancee is finishing her masters in teaching around the same time and they are getting married on May 24. We have been trying to get some of the details worked out while they have been on break. They will both be very busy this next semester with school and not have much time to worry about wedding plans. The only thing I have to plan for or worry about is the rehearsal dinner and getting the tuxedos for the guys as well as finding me a nice dress. The bride’s mom will take care of the west along with my future daughter in law. My son plays the trumpet and has gone to school on a band scholarship. He is leaving tomorrow to go to Dallas for the Cotton Boll where the Razorbacks will be playing the Missouri Tigers. It should be a good game on New Years Day. We are planning to go to my parents and have snacks and watch it on my dad’s new 52 inch plasma TV. It should be alot of fun and even more fun if the Razorbacks can win. Another thing I have to worry about for the wedding is a quilt that I have started as a wedding gift to my son and his bride. I cross stitched the state flowers and made quilt blocks from them and now I am doing the tedious part of quilting it together. Not as much fun as the cross stitching was. If you go to my July 7, 2007 entry you will see a picture of the quilt top with the blocks all sewn together. I also do alot of crocheting. I have made three or four afghans this year. I have an apache pattern that I like to do all the time. I make them and have them for benefit auctions around the community and for gifts. I am also an avid reader. I love to read and really spend too much time doing it. There is alot of other things around here that need to be done and just keep getting put on the back burner.Well I have just rambled on and on. Hope we become friends.Twila


  2. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. I have really come to love the Melaleuca products. I take the vitamins and also eat the meal replacement bars ever so often. The cleaning products is what I love the most tho. I cleaned my bathroom yesterday before company came over and I just smiled at my sparkling clean glass shower door that use to stay cloudy with a film no matter how much cleaning I did. Yep… one happy camper here. Are you a customer only or are you in the business of signing up other users? May inlaws have been having parties and such and have signed up a few people. The couple above them, (my cousin and his wife) have really gone to town with it and are making a business out of it.


  3. Love the Eight O’clock beans, if you ever see the White Tower ones, try those. Good stuff.We had a customer once that was so worried about people getting the wifi signal that weren’t staying in his hotel, that he lined all the interior surfaces that he could with aluminum foil. It’s a fairly effective wifi blocker. 🙂


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