I’m in love

With the Osmond Brothers – all of them.  They were on Oprah last week and I dvr’ed it – thank goodness because after I watched it the first time, I reversed it and watched the brothers singing together again and then again.  I’ve been doing that every night a couple of times before I go to bed.  Feeling a little guilty because I enjoy it so much.  Nothing like a man over the age of 50 in a dark suit, singing, smiling and movin’ around on stage like they move around…woooooeeeeee.  Holy Moly…I even have the hots for Donny (he just turned 50 or is close to turning 50)… I was not crazy about him when I was younger but what a presence he has now.  Marie is another story…she’s aged well, still sounds good but I’m wondering if she might be a little bit of a wack job.  Who wouldn’t after 8 kids.  I didn’t go to bed last night until after 1 am because I watched several osmond shows on you tube and I checked out the Branson, MO schedule.  You know we fish down there in Lebanon, MO and think nothing of driving to the “throwed roll restaurant” (Lamberts)  so why not go on down to Branson and watch them in person…ooooooooooooooo my…Nina did WHAT IN BRANSON?????

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “I’m in love

  1. I also enjoyed Oprah when she had them on , they are nice looking fellows aren’t they , you need to go see them in person for sure your close to Branson , start packing LOL


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