The new truck

After we got Aunt Frances’ stuff unloaded at mom’s yesterday, Carl asked if we had plans for supper…so we decided to meet at the New Super Hyvee in Newton for supper.  Okay…maybe you have to live in a small medium size town to appreciate this excitement.  We got to town a little early so decided to drive thru the car wash because you couldn’t even read the license plate because of all the mud…have I mentioned before that we live on a gravel road…anyway….as the light indicates we can pull out, “he” says…did you pay for the blower”  I thought – NO I DIDN’T PAY FOR THE BLOWER  HOW COLD DO YOU THINK IT IS  but thanks for biting my tongue, I only said.  No.  and then I looked down at the outside temp and it was 26 degrees…as we headed the 3 blocks to Hyvee I started to worry and dialogue about the doors freezing shut and “he” who I affectionately tells you has an opinion about everything said nothing….now I’m worried.  I said…so….do you have a plan…he said uh, no.  

The doors didn’t freeze shut…let this be a lesson to you….when the temp is 26 degrees, you don’t have to pay for the drying blower at the car wash….live dangerously…it’s kind of fun 🙂 by the way…here’s a pic of the truck while it is clean….. 

2 thoughts on “The new truck

  1. We don’t have blower choice here either, but then it rarely gets down to 26.Today is perfect, in the 60s and sunny.Nanny-nanny-boo-boo.


  2. OOo – pretty truck.  I’ve never seen a car wash that you had a choice on the blower or not.  I live next to the worlds biggest puddle so I’m very used to coming out in the morning and having my car encased in ice…as it was this morning. Winter! BLAH!


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