“35,000 swarm Jordan Creek for Black Friday bargains”

Sorry – a little irritable today – starting south beach again – the 3 day sugar withdrawal is just nasty. 

Wanted to share the headline about the shopping deluge at Jordan Creek with everyone from

Just thinking about the gooey pumpkin butter cake that Jenny made for Thanksgiving – came from Paula Dean…

oh my

Until next time…..

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  1. I’m not a big sugar eater, but I just had a cinnamon scone and Mocha Latte with Amaretto syrup. I think I put enough sugar in me to last a very long time.Yes, my sisters walls are definitely green. Almost a primary green. Strangely I ended up with almost the exact same color in one of my rooms. Hadn’t seen hers. I’ll have to do a photo blog one day with wall colors. My house is like a primary school color palette. That’s what happens with a color blind husband who likes to be in control of the wall color. 🙂


  2. Hi! Regarding your comment about wire, I used 20 or 22 gauge wire from an inexpensive hobby lobby spool. I suppose any wire that fits through the beads would work fine. Happy Crafting, Jan


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