Working the holiday

While everyone else in America was out shopping on Black Friday….and why do they call it Black Friday….I worked and made money.  I have to say that I’ll bet I was a lot happier working and making time and a half than those out fighting the crowds and spending.  The newest mall in Des Moines opened at midnight – o – one this morning.  There were 35,000 people lined up to go in.  THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND.  Shoppers had to wait in line for 2 hours to check out. TWO HOURS….except at Scheels…they were organized and it was only 45 minutes.  I’m kind of shocked by this and I’m disgusted…I hope this was just an adventure…something new to do with friends and family…if that is the case…guess better than staying up all night drinking….. never say never…who knows…maybe there will be a midnight to morning shopping trip in my future???  I guess it has to be fun and rewarding or no one would be doing it right???  To each his own, I guess….

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “Working the holiday

  1. This Black Friday thing is Crazy! Why??? I would rather work than shop also at least there is money to be made and not had and by had I mean that the retailers know what they are doing , there are no good deals out there its a joke, I would rather spend a little more than stand in line in the cold early morn and take a chance of getting crushed or beat up LOL LOL Oh well its back to work for me tomorrow have a good week , Later


  2. The 35,000 thing is incomprehensible to me. If I got there and I were person 101, I think I would just turn around and go home. NOT that I would be there to begin with. I hope it was a quiet day at work, and time and a half always makes the work seem just a little bit better!


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