Anyone who works with the public, yet doesn’t get paid enough, raise your hand.  When I’m not working, I know I’m the public also; with that statement, I understand that someone may consider me a moron during certain periods of my day…but people…pulease!!!  None of the foregoing applies to someone injured or in “real” peril. This applies to interstate travel by thousands & thousands of people a day.  If you have ever had a problem being cut off in traffic, please try to remember that you have also cut someone off in traffic,…everyone has seen someone violate the law and everyone has violated the law…DON’T CALL 911….I am unable to give you numbers but I will tell you that a significant part of my 8 hours is answering 911 wireless calls from motorists who have been wronged…not only them but more than likely two dispatchers are tied up on 911 because both sides feel they need to call and complain…I”ve actually told several people that if they feel they are in danger from the ROAD RAGE to pull off at the next exit – wait a moment and then pull back on, thereby immediately difusing the situation…but callers seems to be shocked at the suggestions.  We are not your mothers….and to make this tattle tale phone call, it is possible these otherwise good citizens may be depriving someone who has a real life and death emergency…like their house is on fire or they or someone close to them is choking or having a heart attack.  Please and thank you for letting me vent!!!!!

Until next time….



  1. Sounds tough , you never know what kind of call you might get hugh??/I bet it could be very stressful , enjoy your weekend


  2. Poor thing. I can’t imagine how you don’t just scream into the phone at some of the people that must call you. The job turnover rate for 911 operators use to be incredibly high, is it still? It’s a tough and stressful job and very few people can do it.


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