French Press

Tried the french press tonight…I liked it.  Used regular folgers coffee – tasted like the very first cup of coffee that comes out of the pot on an early, cool morning.  Not sure how much I will use it because it seems like quite a bit of work for 1 cup of coffee.  Work…meaning you can’t just pull the carafe out of the coffee maker – fill your cup and be on your way…It takes boiled water, 3-4 minutes of steeping, pressing the grounds down and then you get your coffee.  Probably should contain a warning that it should not be used for the first cup of coffee of the day 🙂 

Time for bed – back to work tomorrow…you know how much fun that is after a week of vacation.

Until next time…..


3 thoughts on “French Press

  1. Hmmm. I’ve thought about a French press, but if it’snot that much better,I think I’ll pass. For me, the grinding right before brewing is key, plus a sprinkle of salt.


  2. The point of a french press is that the coffee tastes better. There is no interference from the filter. Good things take time; like that tree that was murdered so you could have a coffee table made from its carcass.  If all you need is the caffeine, take some nodoze and go to work. Lot’s of ways to get a kick in the head.  I prefer to sit and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. That’s why I get up two hours before I have to go to work.
    Slow down. Enjoy your coffee. Prop your feet up on your dead tree and relax. You’ll soon have termites in your living room anyway.


  3. Coffee sounds good to me! The first day back to work after vacation is terrible , then the second day is like you never had a vacation sad but true , Hope your week goes well , Later


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