Complaining is BAD

I think it may be finally happening.  I’ve had my c-pap machine (this is the machine that helps me breath at night – breath – not snore – and not be “disturbed” (oh that’s a good one) like 120 times an hour.  They assured me that I don’t have apnea but not getting into a deep sleep…blah blah…now the reason I’m telling you this is because they told me to use it every night (and I do…I’m a believer) but if I happen to get a head cold (if) – I might not be comfortable wearing it…I have had this c-pap machine now for about a year and a half – 2 years and I’ve worn it every night meaning – I haven’t had a head cold.  But…of course, since I started complaining about the weather and feeling mean spirited – I’m getting a head cold.  Now, I know that men are generally known to be real babies when they are sick.  I’m a lucky one…My “he” is not a complainer when he gets sick…so I’m very lucky.  I, on the other hand, always have had the worst head cold ever and know one has ever been as sick as I am at any given moment.  grrrrr  I feel it coming…I think you can always tell the difference between allergy sneezing and head cold sneezing – even when it first starts…in the last hour, I’ve started feeling a swollen nasal passage coming on…but the real indicator that things are about to change is the behavior of senior dog……



What is going on with Sierra …and what exactly is it that made her go into hiding.  I’m surprised one of the other two hasn’t already told her that we can still see her.

Until next time….  aaaaaachooooooo 

2 thoughts on “Complaining is BAD

  1. Bless you and the pup hope you get to feeling better soon


  2. That’s a big doggie!Hope your cold turns out to be a one day weather adjustment kind of thing instead.


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