Been up since 3:40am

Sherri called me from work at 3:40 – said she was having chest pain and wanted to know if I would come in and finish out her shift (7 am).  I had stayed up to watch Richard Simmons on Letterman and was having nightmares about the little dicky jokes so decided work would be better…well, needless to say…it wasn’t busy and I had all kinds of time to think.

The girls sent me one of those question/answer emails yesterday.  You know the ones that go around about once a month – forward and change the answers to your answers…like:  What is your favorite, color, dessert (like I’ve met one I didn’t love), bacon or croutons, where’s the farthest you have visited…Jenny had a splended answer to that one that her sister couldn’t leave alone….anyway.  I LOVE THOSE THINGS.  Why do I love those things…am I the only one who loves them – I really do learn things about my family and friends when they answer and send them back.  But come to think of it…I love to take tests and surveys in magazines….I’ve never found one that I didn’t think the answers were for my entertainment.  Like…no matter how you answer, you can come up with something true about yourself in the description…but I LOVE TO TAKE THOSE TESTS…anyone else? I love to ask questions and get answers…and the question I’m going to ask myself right now is why am I sitting in front of this computer going on and on about nothing when I could be asleep.  Be back later……>)

One thought on “Been up since 3:40am

  1. I like some of them , but I recieve 10 or 15 a day so I really don’t answer a lot of them LOL , I can see how one could entertain themselves with them though thats for sure, hope you get some sleep


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