Fantasy Football

Team Crack Whore510.833
Slaughter Squad420.6671
Gonna Deck The Decker’s420.6671
Hairy Palms330.5002
Alkira’s Atrium Angelus240.3333
Ass Kickin’ the ATriums060.0005

Marshall’s Strike Team510.833
Iowa Corn Boers420.6671
Team stansbury420.6671
Team Decker330.5002
Team Douglas150.1674
Team Brown150.1674

Not goin’ good…although if you consider the points that don’t count…I’ve done well – just not in the won/loss column…

Neppy Kate, on the other hand, is makin’ mama proud.

Still not camping – still raining…may see some sun tomorrow..don’t want to talk about it, though, and jinx it.

Cleaning closets..Phil took dogs for a walk because they are under my feet constantly…

Talked to Karen this morning – firmed up plans for the trip to DC on the 28th….

Until next time……

One thought on “Fantasy Football

  1. Keeping in mind that I know nothing about Fantasy Football, I would have to say that from the statistics displayed, a good team name is a requirement. I can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy about the Crack Whores. The name alone implies an intensity of purpose.
    Still, I will never understand why people find the game so compelling. Even the real thing, when watched on TV, is boring. The only times I have ever enjoyed football was when I was actually playing the game and that was, in part, because it involved giving pain to others.
    Actual professional football is just silly. Millionaire men with hormone issues playing slap and tickle with each other while millions of people watch. What’s the attraction?
    Why not make it interesting? Give them weapons. Line their padding and helmets with razor blades. Allow full on fighting. That’s what makes hockey interesting. Professional sports needs more blood. nuff said  


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