Politics and football

Okay…so Jeff from the Daily Ground Hog lists on his site this web address:


Very interesting.  Basically, by marking yes/no/unsure for several different issues, and indicating the strength of your conviction, the site calculates which candidate fits best.

I was quite surprised that my guy is Biden.  Of course he doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell.  Some day when I have some time, I’m going to play around and see what changed answers also changes “the” candidate.  Jeff tells me we are many miles apart in our politics…ya..that was a shock.  Pretty much we agree on one issue.  Will be a great discussion over lemon pie and coffee.  Did I say discussion or indigestion????

If you haven’t tried fantasy football….plan on it next year.  I love football…my husband is/was a non-sports fan…remember…he loves to watch tv shows about pounding nails and wildlife eating each other….happily he is coming around.  But…pro-football has become so much more fun now that I have players on my fantasy football roster from teams I might not have even watched.  Last weekend was a bust.  Donavan McNabb had been a complete dud for 2 weeks – so I got mad and benched him and started Ben Rothlisberger …and that is the week that McNabb showed his stuff again with like 39 fantasy points that I missed out on …..I was very mad at myself.  Had I played McNabb.  I would have earned high point for the week in my league.  Anyway…I really recommend fantasy football and if I can figure it out – anyone can….

I am reading “Trace” by Patricia Cornwell – don’t know if I’m just irritable for some reason or is she going the way of Danielle Steele in that seems like she repeats lots of sentences in neighboring paragraphs to fill up the verbage in the book.  This one is a disapointment – first time I have said that about one of her books. 

Worked 12 hours today.  I’m tired and obviously rambling…so I’m going to bed….

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “Politics and football

  1. I went to the vote site. Interesting. Mine wasn’t surprising: 77% Obama. Thanks for stopping by and reading my broccoli story. I do stuff like that constantly, just not that dramatic.


  2. Hi there.   I love to craft.  I am very crafty.  
    Crocheting I will start again as soon as my room is completely done.
    I cant wait.   Glad you stopped by.   Come on back if you like.


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