I’m soooo bored

I must find something to do.  Gone are the days when I had two children at home and everything to go along with them…I miss marching band season so much.  I miss going to practice…I miss the competitions….I miss the pride of watching one of my daughters being a part of this wonderful ensemble.  I even miss band boosters.  Lots of energy went into promoting the high school band over the year…it was exhausting and I even burned out, but I miss it.  Someone asked…what is wrong…why are you adopting another dog…are you trying to replace the kids.  YUP…hadn’t thought of it but that is the answer.  They give me something to DO… but that is not quite enough.

I’m struggling with starting to clean and toss the stuff in mom’s house.  She isn’t coming home….don’t think she knows that yet.  Wouldn’t start upstairs just in case she is able to come for visit but would start in the basement.  Overwhelming – yes…but will be refreshing to go thru stuff…bring back some memories…toss, clean.  Maybe that will help.  But it is wrong to do it before she is gone?

I have to head for work…working 12 hours today….gee…that should give me something to do 😦 ack..

Until next time……

One thought on “I’m soooo bored

  1. Maybe you should play with the other dog that you left at home during the camping trip.


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