It is nice to be home

Had a great 3 days in Wisconsin.  Terry and Harry are great…we were greeted with news that they were able to purchase 86 acres of hunting land including a hunting cottage N and W of Wausau.  Harry has already been out searching the woods for “signs”.  I’m sure if you are a hunter, you’ll understand.  Terry, Vicki and I shopped in Minaqua (probably butchered the spelling).  It is a quaint old little Wisconsin town in the great “up north”.  The further we traveled North the more beautiful the trees were.  They haven’t really started to change here at home.

Hope Jenny finished the Grey’s Anatomy tapes yesterday so I can get my hands on the last ones this week 🙂

Need to unpack.  Was a fun road trip…lots of laughter and lots of world problems solved but also it is good to be home.

Until next time…..

One thought on “It is nice to be home

  1. He won’t be hunting ground hogs will he???


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