Love those folks in Seattle

How was Grey’s, you ask.  13 hours.  It was delicious.  12 episodes to go before the season opener….what a fun and relaxing day with Jenny in front of the tube.

Off to Wisconsin today.  Vicki and I are going to visit Harry and Terry.  Perhaps watch a little football and do a little shopping….taking the lap top so I can keep up on my fantasy football scores…I’m sending positive thoughts to Donovan McNabb…

Feeling a little tired today after all the drama yesterday with McDreamy, Meredith and the gang 🙂

Until next time…..

One thought on “Love those folks in Seattle

  1. i’m glad you got to enjoy the perfection that is the 3rd Season of Grey’s Anatomy. SO GOOD. The 4th will start soon. My Team is winning in my Fantasy League, by the way. Beating 16 other teams!!


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