Embarrassed to admit it

I turned the furnace on this morning.  I slept with the window open last night…During the summer, I keep the air on at 68…devil dog even slept with me last night…but when I came down this morning, the thermostat registered 44 outside and inside it was 67…Phil is alseep upstairs so I couldn’t go up and get my sweats…so… I turned on the furnace…Why is it so much colder at 67 in September than 68 in August?  Yes…I know…I’m from Iowa…it is the lower humidity…but THAT much colder….

JJBBEAN….yes….I know you think TV is awful…and I agree with your take on reality…but can it be THAT bad.  I am kind of anti-hollywood and really don’t like science ficture or adventure movies – especially Rocky movies…because they are so out there.  What is the difference between being out-there and just a little fickle.  The whole purpose of watching TV is to lose yourself a couple of hours a day.  Totally emeshed in someone else’ life and problems so you don’t have to think about your own life problems.  It is fiction.  I read for the same reason.  AND….about reading.  Why are we so critical about what someone else reads.  We’ve all met those people that say if you haven’t read the classics then you IQ must not be very high.  Then I’ve actually mentioned that I don’t read the monthly romance novels because I think they are sappy….but, I really have no problem if someone else wants to read them.  It is fun to talk to someone who is the same genre interest..but who am I to judge someone by the type of fiction or non fiction they read….it is escape.

That is my rant this morning.  I’m going to now try to figure out how to load some pictures and how to find out if anyone other than JJBBEAN has found me…what are footprints?

Until next time…..

One thought on “Embarrassed to admit it

  1. Go to your blog (home), scroll down the left side until you see “footprints”. Cick on it. 


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