Grey’s weekend

Third season of Grey’s came yesterday so Jenny and I are going to do a Grey’s marathon on Saturday – similar to the Big Love marathon last year with Katy.  My big question today is what quality in Grey’s Anatomy cause an addiction for me and someone else thinks it is an okay show if there is nothing else to watch.  I know we all have filters from our past life or past experiences… but can entertainment really be this distinctively different from person to person.  Now I understand the gender issue, Phil loves to watch tv shows where large animals with big teeth like to eat other large animals with big teeth or he can sit for an hour watching someone pound nails into wood; but what could you not love about Grey’s Anatomy?  While I have your attention…why doesn’t everyone love the Young and the Restless.  I understand it is not the real world, I understand that soap opera guys and dolls have some good make-up artists; I also, at times, have to fast forward thru certain story lines because the writers go down roads better left untraveled…but for the most part…isn’t it just like standing outside the window and watching our families relate…Soap opera families become like the families next door…terribly interesting to watch, wouldn’t want to be a part of the family but fun to gossip about.  I know a closet Y & R viewer…I wish he could just come out. 

Until next time….

One thought on “Grey’s weekend

  1. Oh come on. TV is awful, so just stop it. However, I have to agree with Phil. There’s nothing like watching a pride of lions run down a gazelle and tear it to pieces. Or an alligator squaring off with anything. It’s real too. The only story line is creation itself.  


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